ADHD in Adults – presenting complaints by patient

  • difficulty finding/keeping jobs
  • perform below level of competence on jobs
  • not perform at intellectual level at school
  • can’t concentrate
  • disorganized
  • can’t create and keep a routine
  • poor discipline
  • depression, low self esteem
  • forgetful or poor memory
  • confusion, trouble thinking clearly


Associated problems:

  • frequent moves
  • lots auto accidents
  • 25% are antisocial personality
  • theft, pranks,
  • increased substance abuse (not alcohol)
  • poorer memory, reaction time

Often see in ADD adults:

  • marital instability,
  • less academic/vocational success than expected for IQ,
  • alcohol/drug abuse,
  • atypical reaction to psychoactive meds,
  • family history with similar features,
  • family history of ADD,
  • alcoholism, drug abuse,
  • antisocial personality,
  • Briquet’s syndrome.


Another list of signs:

a. Fidgetiness or feeling restless

b. Difficulty remaining satisfied

C, Being easily distracted

d. Difficulty waiting your turn

e. Blurting out answers before the question is completed

f. Difficulty following through on or completing tasks

g. Sustaining attention in tasks

h. Frequently shifting from one task to another

i. Difficulty doing tasks alone

j. Talking too much

k. interrupting or intruding on others

1. Not listening to others

m. Losing important things or forgetting a lot

n. Engaging in physically daring activities

o. Always on the go, as if driven by a motor

p. making decisions too quickly or acting too quickly

q. impatient