ZenYU: Young Urban Zen.
Launching Monday, January 7 at the Mountain Rain Zendo in East Vancouver.
7:30 to 9pm (arrive at 7:15, sit starts at 7:30).

You are invited to participate in meditation, discussion, tea and good times with ZenYU. This is a weekly Monday night (drop-in) practice group for folks ages 16-ish to 36-ish. No charge, small donations welcome.

This group is for people interested in the methods and ideas of Zen Buddhism and how they relate to our daily lives. All experience levels welcome.

Come as you are.

If you have any questions about this group, about what to expect or anything else, please contact facilitators at now.zenyu@gmail.com

This project is under the auspices of the Mountain Rain Zen Community.
Learn more at mountainrainzen.org

How important is money to you? Why? #dailyreflection goo.gl/X0EBA

What is a wound you thought you’d never get over, but did? #dailyreflection goo.gl/X0EBA

Who are you still trying to please? #dailyreflection goo.gl/X0EBA

What role do you tend to play in a team? #dailyreflection goo.gl/X0EBA

How does your health and/or energy affect your mood and relationships? #dailyreflection goo.gl/X0EBA

What is relaxing for you? #dailyreflection goo.gl/X0EBA

What is an old habit you finally changed? #dailyreflection goo.gl/X0EBA

What’s a bad experience that happened to you at work that you learned from? #dailyreflection goo.gl/X0EBA

Do you easily let others love you? #dailyreflection goo.gl/X0EBA

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