Cognitive therapy — Learning to change how you feel by being aware of and changing your automatic reactions, thoughts, and assumptions about yourself, others, and your world.

EMDR — (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) – Rapidly clearing effects of large and small traumatic events and stresses, reducing present anxieties and limitations. Enhancing personal power and potential.

Hakomi Mindfulness / Body centered therapy — using mindful, present awareness to help you be aware (in real time) of your feelings, needs, impulses, where you hurt, what you really want, and which parts of you are holding you back.  More.

Hypnosis — teaching yourself to relax and focus inward, and using guided visualization to discover creative solutions.

Relaxation training — practicing a deep mental and physical letting to rebuild your energy, finding the calm centre to carry with you through your daily events.

Biofeedback — learning to “run” your body’s stress or relaxation responses using computer feedback from sensors that show you clearly and immediately how you are responding. (more info)

Jin Shin Do Acupressure — releasing tension and balancing body energies to remove emotional and physical blocks with classical acupuncture points.

Je ne sais quoi” — There is something else that takes place when therapy is happening, when two people meet and join forces to discover the keys of life together.

Some significant theoretical influences on my current practice are:

Hakomi body-centred psychotherapy (Kurtz).
Psychodynamic psychotherapy (e.g., Fromm-Reichman)
EMDR (Shapiro)
Cognitive therapy (Padesky, Beck)