Practicing psychotherapy / counselling in Victoria, BC, Canada
25 years experience
Dr. Brian Grady is a Victoria psychologist in private practice. He has been a psychologist since 1994, after obtaining his Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University.

Brian believes that self-awareness is crucial in therapy, and so frequently uses mindfulness in his sessions – closely studying one’s own reactions, feelings, and body sensations, moment-to-moment. What you are aware of, you can frequently change.

He also believes that body, mind, and spirit overlap, and gives attention to all of these as appropriate.

He knows that insight needs to be applied in action, and that it takes courage and effort at times to make needed changes in our lives. And he believes that at our core, we have what it takes.

He believes that we should learn from the past, but that we don’t need to let our past experiences determine our future.

He knows from personal experience that an understanding, respectful, and safe relationship with our therapist is essential.

Registered Psychologist BC (01169)



His office is at 1260 Topaz Ave, Victoria BC (links to Google Maps)