*9. Canada*
> Life satisfaction score: 7.4
> Employment rate: 72% (7th highest)
> Self-reported good health: 88% (3rd highest)
> Employees working long hours: 3.91% (11th lowest)
> Disposable income: $27,138 (8th highest)
> Educational attainment: 88% (5th highest)
> Life expectancy: 80.8 years (13th highest)

Canada’s score of 7.4 has much to do with the success of its health care
system, a socialized plan that provides coverage to all of its citizens. As
many as 88% of Canadians report their health to be “good” or “very good,”
which ranks third among all nations surveyed. Canada also ranks among the
top 15 nations in life expectancy. Other factors that may be contributing
to Canadians’ high life satisfaction level are education and employment
levels. Some 88% of Canadians have at least a high school diploma — the
fifth-highest rate among the nations the OECD reviewed. Also, 72% of
working-age citizens are employed — the seventh-highest rate. By
comparison, Italy — one of the poorer-performing countries in these
categories — has a working-age employment rate of 57%, and only 54% of its
population has at least a high school diploma.

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