The To-Don’t List: Things you will NOT Do:

A to-don’t list is a quick way to bring order to your life. Stop wasting time with a million projects all at once. Give yourself a chance to examine how you spend your time and store stuff away. The more things you actively block yourself from working on, the more time you will have to focus.

There is something odd about focus. It often feels unnecessary (why not multi-task!?), but in the long term it gives you the perspective and context to see the nuance of what you’re working on, allowing you to do a better job while stressing-out less.

The to-don’t list gives you the power to focus. It’s spring cleaning for the mind. It allows you to focus on what’s useful; what you care about at your core. We spend so much time adding and organizing things to our to-do lists, but we are already doing enough. It’s time to do less, not more.