10 things lucky people do to invite luck:

Summary of main points – see article for explanations

1.)  Lucky people maintain a relaxed attitude that is open and aware.

2.)  Lucky people use intuition and gut instincts to make successful decisions.

3.)  Lucky people notice little things and solve small problems.

4.)  Lucky people treat their failures as an opportunity to learn and grow.

5.)  Lucky people appreciate what they have right now.

6.)  Lucky people work toward their goals every day without fail.

7.)  Lucky people help when they’re able.

8.)  Lucky people tend to see the positive side of their ill fortune.

9.)  Lucky people enjoy new experiences and take calculated risks.

10.)  Lucky people believe they CAN.


Those who take responsibility for their own lives and actions know that luck can be created.  Live each day believing in yourself and your ability to be lucky, and over time you will be.  I challenge you to review each bullet point again and think of your own personal luck in recent times.  Think about how lucky you are right now.