P. I. T. Communication Tool

P. I. T. can best be described as a check -in communication method or tool that can be used with anyone who is willing to use it with you – partner, spouse, co-workers, children, team-mates.

What does PIT stand for?

P = Personal = what is going on for me, issues, feelings

I = Interpersonal = what is happening between us, what I might want or need, or what is happening with me in relation to the group

T = Task = what are the tasks I/we are working on, or need doing  and how I think we are doing on our tasks as a couple or as a group.


Each person shares one part alternately or for a quicker version each person shares all three parts at once while the other person just listens.


1.      There is no dialogue or comments made during P.I.T. by the person who is listening. Listening involves really hearing what the other is saying and being a witness to them.

2.      No one is to interrupt the other while doing P.I.T.

3.      Any emotion can be shared while doing P.I.T.

4.      Any discussion or issues that arise during P.I.T. are to be discussed after completion of P.I.T. Ideally one can seek agreement to bring up issues after P.I.T. and time can be set aside to do so.

5.      P.I.T. is about what’s going on right now, keep it in the present.

Courtesy of Arla Sinclair Counselling Solutions adapted from J . Sellner