Observable Effects of Drug Use
ALCOHOL Staggering gait, bloodshot eyes, flushing, slurred speech, vomiting,
impaired muscular coordination.

BARBITURATES & BENZODIAZEPINES Similar to alcohol plus: dilated pupils, weak and rapid pulse, drowsiness, shallow breathing, trembling hands, fainting, mood swings.

INHALANTS Chemical odor on body and clothes or in room, nosebleeds rash around nose and mouth, dilated pupils, runny nose, watery eyes, loss of coordination, slurred speech, stupor, vomiting, weight loss.

HEROIN Sleepy appearance, slurred speech, droopy eyelids, constricted pupils,
decreased respiration rate, slow gait.

COCAINE User shows decreased inhibitions, dilated pupils, runny nose, rapid
speech, tremors, sweating, severe weight loss, elevated respiration rate.

AMPHETAMINES Similar to cocaine plus acne that resembles a measles rash.

PCP Muscle rigidity, slurred speech, inability to speak coherently, loss of
coordination, blank stare, rapid and involuntary eye movements, exaggerated gait.

LSD Dilated pupils, confusion, disoriented sense of direction, distance and time.

PSILOCYBIN Dilated pupils, sweating, hyperventilation, rambling speech, hyperactivity, tremors, vomiting, impaired attention span, depression.

MARIJUANA Red or bloodshot eyes, increased appetite, meaningless giggly
conversations, impaired short-term memory, restlessness, dry mouth.