The British Psychological Society issued the following announcement:

It’s Good To Talk

British Psychological Society

Article Date: 13 Sep 2008 – 2:00 PDT

Telling your partner everything is good for your psychological health.
This is the finding of a study presented on the 12 September 2008, at

the European Health Psychology Society and British Psychological Society’s Division of Health Psychology Conference 2008

Dr Andrea Horn and her colleagues from the University of Fribourg,
Switzerland, asked 80 young couples to report how much or how little
they disclosed to their partner. They compared this to each partner’s
psychological wellbeing, and the quality of their relationship.

Dr Andrea Horn said: ‘We found that those people who told us they
disclosed a lot to their partner had better mental health and
relationship satisfaction. However this effect was only seen by the
person who was doing the disclosing – and not the partner on the
receiving end.

‘It’s likely that telling your partner all about your day enables you to
better regulate your own emotions, which results in these positive
psychological health effects. It may also promote feelings of intimacy,
which increases your relationship satisfaction.

‘However it was interesting that we didn’t find the same effects for the
other person in the couple. It seems telling your partner everything
about your day doesn’t benefit them in the same way.’

Dr Andrea Horn concludes; “You may want to start sharing more with your
partner – if not for their benefit, but for your own’.