Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook 6th Edition. Martha Davis,
Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, Matthew McKay, Patrick Fanning (2008 ).

Mind over Mood by Greenburger and Padesky.  Excellent workbook that provides step-by step guidance how to step back and re-evaluate situations to make them less threatening or discouraging. Highly recommended

Generalized Anxiety and Worry

When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough: Strategies for Coping With Perfectionism. Martin M. Antony and Richard P. Swinson (1998 ).

The Portable Problem Solver: Coping With Life Stressors. Susanna Mcmahon (1996)

Coping With Uncertainty: 10 Simple Solutions. Bruce Eimer and Moshe S. Torem (2002)

Social Anxiety

10 Simple Solutions to Shyness: How to Overcome Shyness, Social Anxiety &
Fear of Public Speaking. Martin M. Antony (2004)